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4 Business Continuity Planning Essentials

4 Business Continuity Planning Essentials - Having A Plan

Recent evidence provided by leading Business Continuity specialists Datto has shown that the true source of the much-feared catastrophic system failure is not what has originally been considered.

For many years we’ve known about the dangers of not having a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan in place. We’ve discussed the dangers of hacktivists and the potential impact of a natural disaster such as flood, fire or power failure.

We’ve discussed the many ways that business systems could potentially be corrupted or even lost should the ‘worst happen’, or if a company should ‘get breached’, or are ‘targeted’. Most of the time we’re concerning ourselves with events out of the control of our business, the threat landscape is generally considered to be outside of the four walls of your company. If only this were true. There are so many more threats, we’ve added a link at the bottom of this blog that you can peruse at your leisure.

The biggest cause of downtime to any business, believe it or not, comes from within. The Devil hides in plain sight!
Human error accounts for 58% of downtime incidents. Far outweighing the impact of natural disasters and power surges. The graph below shows clearly that human error is more likely to bring your business to a screaming halt than hardware or application failures.

Downtime by data volume

How can you mitigate against human errors?

Training – Make sure your staff are well trained on the systems they are using.

Deploy suitable backups – Are you backing up regularly enough? How quickly can you get back up and running? How much will that down time potentially cost you, and cost your clients?

Accept that accidents happen – Anyone can make a mistake at any point. By acknowledging this fact, ensure you put in place preventative measures.

Test your backup strategy! – You conduct fire drills, so why shouldn’t a Disaster Recovery Drill be scheduled regularly? To ensure your Business Continuity plans are effective, you will only know by testing it. If your team knows what to do should a data disaster happen, they will panic less and react faster.

If you’d like more insight into the internal threats that could impact your business, take a look here 11 Data Centre Disasters.

Download the 4 Business Planning Continuity Essentials Booklet from Datto and Mirus to learn how to calculate these objectives and to assess if your Backup and Business Continuity Plans are up to the challenge of a disaster.

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