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Protect Your Business

You wouldn't ride a bike without a helmet or lay on the beach without sun cream, would you? Give your computers the same level of protection...

Tablet And Safety Helmet

Security Threats

The recent heart-bleed security flaw has proven to be a massive headache, affecting the vast majority of businesses and their data across the globe. Then we had Cyberlocker and GamoverZeus which sent everyone into a panic. But it has all acted as a timely reminder that large-scale security breaches can happen and that business owners and industry leaders should be concerned and need to take action.

In order to avoid massive data loss and other cyber threats, business owners can take a number of steps to implement security measures that will help keep their systems secure. One of the most important things they should install are antivirus and antispyware programs that scan not only Web activity but also email messages.

These programs are essential in keeping malware off of your systems, malware which can pave the way for hackers to breach your systems and steal your data.


Small Business Issues

While it is easy to simply say, "You need to install antivirus (AV), antispyware (AS), Web and, email scanners on your computers", it can be tough for a business owner to actually pick a solution that meets their needs and budgets, largely because of the sheer number of solutions out there.

And simply picking a solution isn't enough either. In order for these solutions to work, they need to be:

  1. Installed on all systems
  2. Kept up to date
  3. Turned on and scanning systems on a regular basis.

If these three requirements are not met, your company will be at increased risk of a malware attack and subsequent data breach. But that's not all you have to worry about, you also have to focus on user habits.

Many employees simply turn off their scanning solutions because they believe their browsing habits are enough to keep computers secure, or the scanner slows the computer down. With the vast majority of data breaches, all hackers need to execute a data breach is one system that is not secure.

Combine these factors together, and almost any business owner can be quickly overwhelmed by the job of ensuring systems and the data stored within are secure. Possibly the best solution we can recommend is to implement an automated AV or AS solution that can scan your systems.

What is Automated Antivirus and Antispyware?

Managed AV/AS works much the same as other antivirus solutions - it helps to keep systems secure and free of malware. The main difference is that the solution is managed, usually by an IT provider like us. We make sure that the solution is installed on every system and is always kept up to date.

This is great for many smaller businesses because it takes everything related to the installation and day-to-day management of security solutions out of their hands. This gives you the benefit of knowing that your systems and the important data stored within are secure, without the hassle of actually ensuring that they are in fact, secure.

How Mirus Can Help Your SME

When looking for a scanning solutions, you will quickly come across a wide variety, all offering different levels of services and even add-ons. As your IT partner, we offer strong security solutions that you can rely on and when it comes to automated AV and AS, we utilise not one, but two solutions to ensure that your systems are secure.

In order to do this, we have split our approach. First we use the powerful, yet cost effective, Email Security and Management solution Mimecast. With this in place, all messages and attachments are scanned before they are delivered to your inbox. Attachments containing malware or potential threats are therefore stopped before they enter your system, or leave and infect others.

Second, we offer an advanced Web Filtering solution from Umbrella, part of the OpenDNS project. This solution, provided to every Managed Services client for free, provides you with the perfect way to prevent malware and other security threats from being installed on your systems. By automatically blocking access to sites with malware and the ability to control what content can be accessed, your systems and data are automatically protected. As an added bonus, this is also a proactive system that stops threats in their tracks, before they have time to infect your systems.

Combine this with an AV or AS scanner, which we can recommend, and you have the tools necessary for an easily managed system that will help ensure your data is secure.

To top it all off, our trained experts can help install and manage the solution, leaving you to focus on your business.

If you are looking to bolster the security of your business and data then contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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