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Our Top 5 Cyber Tips

Our Top Five Cyber Tips

We asked our experts for their top tips to help you avoid the dangers of cyber crime.  These are some simple but effective things that you could pass on to your teams and help protect your business.

Tip 1 – Realise you are a target

One of the biggest things that we see and hear from clients is the response ‘I’m too small to be a target, why would someone be interested in us?’.  Unfortunately that’s really not the case, even the smallest of businesses or organisations could be targeted via phishing emails or malware that could cause you loss, either financially or reputationally. 

Realising that you could be a target makes you more aware and therefore, cautious.

Tip 2 – Users are a great line of defence!

It's often said that your people are the weakest vulnerability you have due to the ever-improving sophistication of the technology used to protect you.  Understanding the threats and educating your teams that it’s a real problem, can only aid your levels of protection.  If everyone’s more educated to spot the signs of a spoofed email or fake Office 365 password reset, then your risk of data loss or financial loss dramatically reduces.

Tip 3 – Stay on top of user accounts

We all know that employee’s come and go but its really important that old employee user accounts are closed down on your IT systems, not only your Active Directory and Email but also think about all of the SaaS platforms that they might have had access to as well, how about Salesforce, HubSpot, Sage? Leaving these dormant accounts in place is in effect leaving a back door for someone to exploit and target.

Tip 4 – DON’T SHARE PASSWORDS (even with your desk neighbour!)

It sounds silly right? But we know that this still happens on a daily basis.  People share accounts to access certain tools or worse still leave post-it notes on their PC saying ‘password: Steve123!’ or how about the person that goes on holiday and gives their password to their desk buddy in case they ‘need to access something whilst I’m away’.  

Tip 5 – Password Policy

It’s a simple one but still a big one.  You have to ensure your business enforces complex password policies, whether that’s characters, numbers and letters etc with a certain number of digits.  That can be enforced by your IT department/IT provider across your whole business with enforced regular change.

If you'd like to have a better understanding of the cyber issues facing businesses each day, we ran a FREE cyber security event in Milton Keynes on the 8th November 2018. The event was perfect for SME's and SMB's to learn from field experts including Jamie Bartlett, Cal Leeming, Tim Jeffcoat and Adam Nash, and to network.

For more information on the Bucks Cyber Security Summit and details on the webinars you can watch, click the button below.

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