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Cut the Paper Chain Simplify Remote Working by Digitising Your Managed Print Mirus IT

Cut the Paper Chain: Simplify Remote Working by Digitising Your Managed Print

2020 and Covid-19 have certainly changed the UK’s office environment – and with that, the way we process our paperwork.

When the production, delivery and filing of our physical print is compromised, how do we transition to a digital solution?

Remote working has undoubtedly stifled our ability to print; not least when the majority of our home workers are working with lesser print devices, or in some cases none at all. With talk of remote work being the ‘future’ of enterprise, those of us who rely daily on our physical print are still left with a few major hurdles.

While hard copy might be essential for some of us, there are ways to digitise the way we work and keep those papers pushed – even if we can’t access our print devices. Here, we outline how best to use these functions, both now and as we transition back to the office.

Process AutomationCut the Paper Chain: Simplify Remote Working by Digitising Your Managed Print Mirus IT

Modern Multifunction Print devices (or MFPs) have processing power that often goes untapped, and combined with the latest Manged Print software can do so much of the paper-pushing for you. One of your most invaluable resources could be process automation, where the editing, checking and filing of documents can be done virtually, assisted by smart automation tools that do the mundane stuff for you. This could mean automatically redacting sensitive information from documents before they’re sent out to users, or scanning documents for keywords and details. Not only does the paperwork never need to land on a desk, it may never need handling by an overburdened auditor again.

Smart Documentation Cut the Paper Chain: Simplify Remote Working by Digitising Your Managed Print

Should you need to amend or approve your paperwork manually, Smart Documentation could significantly streamline your processes. A powerful editing capability available with many Managed Print environments, Smart Documentation can recognise text documents, identify text and languages using optical character recognition, and create files that can be edited, saved and uploaded to the cloud in several different file formats. Because Smart Documents recognise text rather than data, you can edit both digital or scanned physical documents without ever having to touch the software they were created in.  


Cloud Scanning Cut the Paper Chain: Simplify Remote Working by Digitising Your Managed Print

Your documents need to reach clients quickly and reliably, but with less control over your print environment, delivery can prove a little awkward.

As a temporary solution – if not a future strategy – consider scanning or saving documents to the cloud. Many MFP devices do so by default, with support for Google, OneDrive and Dropbox to name a few cloud storage providers. Once uploaded, you then have complete control over who accesses these documents and when, letting you share them securely with the relevant parties.

While this solution might not work permanently for you, it does provide flexibility for signing and delivering paperwork; it could also make processes easier for you and several clients. For the office dedicated to a paperless future, this could prove an invaluable process, but for everyone else it’s another solution to an awkward and ongoing issue.

Contactless Print Cut the Paper Chain: Simplify Remote Working by Digitising Your Managed Print

We can’t discuss your current complications without addressing the elephant in the office. COVID-19 has made our on-premise printing a rather complex beast, and with some of us slowly returning to the office, we’re looking to stem the tide of the virus.

Contactless print enables users to access print devices with a wireless device, so they can finalise their print jobs without ever touching the device. This solves two problems: first, it ensures that print jobs only occur when the owner is there to collect them. Second, it helps stem the tide of the virus by ensuring there’s no surface contact. When hundreds of users’ fingerprints are draped across devices every day, it at least provides some added comfort knowing you’re printing hygienically.

While drastically changing your print processes sounds like a complex task, it needn’t be with the help of a Managed Print Provider who can help you implement the above solutions with your strategy and situation in mind.

For flexible print solutions wherever you work from, get in touch with us at Mirus IT. We continue to provide Managed Print solutions, adopting all social distancing measures where necessary, and deliver ongoing support to match your circumstances.

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