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COVID-19 Mirus IT Statement

COVID-19: A Business Continuity Update from Mirus

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Mirus has committed itself to a sensible and strategic response for full business continuity.

These measures, we believe, will allow us to continue providing for our clients, with minimal disruption to either party’s services.

This response is to maintain all customer-focussed and internal systems essential to our business continuity. Having identified the key components of our business, we have enacted the following to ensure both Mirus and you, the client, are unaffected by our structural changes:

Remote Working for All StaffAs a responsible enterprise, Mirus recognises its duty to curb the potential spread of Covid-19 amongst its staff and the communities they serve. As such, we have ensured all employees have remote working capabilities and instructed them to conduct all work from a safe and isolated environment. We have considered the roles and responsibilities of each employee on a case-by-case basis and provided all necessary tools to keep their work consistent. We have maintained business security by providing Virtual Private Network capabilities for users, so we are confident that the confidentiality of Mirus, its clients and its users is upheld.

Minimal DisruptionIt’s important that this drastic change in working conditions does not affect our service delivery. As the vast majority of our service offerings are provided by cloud or web-based services, we are not reliant on any on-premise solutions and can continue to offer a comparable breadth of support to clients. As our protective measures are also reliant on secure, cloud-based services by industry-leading providers, there is no added threat to our clients’ security.

Points of ContactOur VoIP telephony service is appropriately secured and ensures employees are reachable both in and out of the office. As such, there is no change to the way that clients can contact the appropriate client manager, service desk, or key team members. This also provides us the crucial opportunity to contact other staff members as needed, so imperative business communications can continue, and key business updates can be rolled out to all users immediately.

Future PlanningWe will continue to update our staff on any changes to the current active policies, and may reintroduce office-based working only when it is safe and responsible to do so. We continue to measure our systems and the risk factors around Covid-19, and any further actions will be taken with utmost caution and dedication to full-service delivery.

We recognise that we cannot provide our clients with full business continuity without first ensuring our own. The measures described here are to provide full transparency to our clients and assure them we are focussed on providing the same business capabilities as always.

We will continue to assess the situation and will be updating both our processes and communications accordingly.

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