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Could your company survive a disaster

Sit down and really think about the consequences of losing all your data today, right now.

Maybe someone has just accidentally hit the DELETE button on your entire system, or there’s a massive power surge and it wipes everything, perhaps there’s a flood or fire in your building and nothing can be salvaged, or you’ve been targeted by cyber criminals and are being held to ransom to pay to have your data returned.

Where would that leave you?

    - How long would it take you to get the business back up and running again?
    - What would the cost to your business be in the downtime it would take to get everything back up?
    - What would the impact be on your customers? Your cash flow? Your staff? Your business?

Scary isn’t it! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated to put the right systems, processes and solutions in place.

Firstly, ensure that you are backing up your entire infrastructure, everything, the lot! Not just files and databases but servers, PC’s application settings, bookmarks, operating systems, everything!
Secondly, make sure you have a business continuity plan.

If you’re confident that you’re backup regularly enough, off site, reliably and can get everything back up lickety-split, do you have a plan/strategy in place to ensure your business can still run, can the data be restored and can you get the whole business back up to speed quickly with the data you’ve backed up? Have you tested it?

Your comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan must cover everything from system state to active directory permissions, don’t think of it as just swapping USB drives or tapes and crossing your fingers. How many people in your organisation know how to recover everything in case of a disaster? Just one? What if they leave or aren’t at work when disaster strikes?

Unless you’ve experienced a true disaster recovery scenario, you’re likely to be focused on cost rather than value of a disaster recovery solution.

Lastly, don’t leave your disaster recovery plan too late, if your company can’t run without the data and IT infrastructure, then you need to safeguard continuity should the worst happen.

We can help you devise the perfect business continuity and backup solution, we’re experts at developing bespoke plans to fit your business.

Working partnership with Datto, whose market-leading backup, recovery and business continuity solutions are trusted by businesses all over the globe, we can provide a managed backup solution, and take responsibility for both your backup and disaster recovery scenarios.

Regular, incremental backups can happen every 5 minutes if needed, or every hour, each backup gives us a screenshot of your server’s boot screen highlighting that the data is ready to be used.

Get the right solution and the right partner to ensure your business can survive a disaster. Give us a call, or click below and arrange a FREE backup and disaster recovery assessment.

FREE Backup and DR Assessment

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Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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