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Coping in a Crisis: How Tech Supports Business in a Post-Covid Climate Mirus IT

Coping in a Crisis: How Tech Supports Business in a Post-Covid Climate

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s the value of preparing for crisis – even if we’ll never know just what that crisis might be.

That goes double for your business, where it’s not only the bottom line that’s at stake but you, your workers and your clients’ security.

Of course, there’s no one-size solution for any given crisis – let alone a worldwide pandemic – but for your business, the technical and logistical solutions you adopt could mean the difference between buckling under pressure, or overcoming the odds.

Your Policies

Click to download Infographic - Coping in a Crisis Mirus ITYou could have as few as three people in your business working remotely; even then, they might only do so in extenuating circumstances. But that doesn’t mean you won’t need a strict and considered Remote Working policy.

Before Covid-19, many of us may never have worked remotely, but preparing for that necessity is what kept so many of us afloat. Consider your every recovery plan, and how you might approach it, then consider your policies for each. It doesn’t end with Remote Working; other integral policies might include your data security, password requirements, and even your approved devices. A Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation is an excellent first step to getting these plans in place.

Your Continuity Planning

Know your BIAs, your RTOs and your RPOs? If not, it might be time to brush up PDQ.

Continuity planning is essential should your crisis hit the breaking point; it might be that a major system has been knocked offline, or a data theft has left you, your staff and your customers compromised. Your actions need to be swift, decisive, and above all practiced.

Continuity planning is equal parts training and technology. You’ll want to ensure you have all the necessary solutions in place; Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are essential here, ensuring lost data can be retrieved, or compromised systems can be recovered. No continuity system will be the same across all businesses however, and both you and your teams need to know all the necessary actions, the reasonable timeframes and the follow up assessments to keep everything running smoothly. A Managed Service Provider such as Mirus IT can not only help you implement these solutions, but fully stress-test them too.


Your Training

Your people are the strongest firewall of all, and your first line of defence against the threats of ransomware, phishing emails and impersonation attempts. Yet as awareness around cyber crime grows, the techniques of cyber criminals evolve, making regular training crucial to your staff’s ongoing safety. Whether testing your staff via simulated phishing emails or providing dedicated training on a team or individual basis, your workforce can not only respond to a crisis, but ensure they never get the chance to happen.

Your Technology

Your company tech is what keeps everything tied together, offering automated assistance for all of the above, and beyond. Should your team be forced to disperse, your cloud solutions and network security let them work safely and seamlessly. Should an attempt be made on your systems, your email, server and system security help identify and isolate the threat. And with a Managed Service, everything is implemented and overseen by dedicated IT experts. That way, you know your systems are supported – and you’ve one less thing to concern yourself with.

You can’t predict when your next crisis will strike, but with a full suite of Managed IT Services, you’ll be more than ready to tackle those all-important next steps. For more information on Managed Services, or to arrange a free IT Infrastructure Assessment, get in touch with Mirus IT today.

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