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Cloud services at a glance

 Are you thinking about bringing your business into the cloud but not sure where to start?

  • Unsure about something you can’t touch or see?
  • Worried about the implications of moving from a CAPEX spend to an ongoing OPEX spend?
  • Confused by the myriad options? Public, private, hybrid…
  • Concerned by the hacking stories that are constantly bandied around in the media?
  • In an area where the internet connection isn’t strong and consistent?

We’re cloud technology experts, here to clear the fog and shed some light on finding and implementing the approach to cloud that’s right for your business.

Get your head into the cloud

Migrating your systems into the cloud can feel like stepping off the top of a mountain into the misty unknown. But before we get into the nitty gritty, there are a few benefits to keep in mind.

  • Staying ahead of the competition – if your competitors are taking the plunge but you’re stalling, it’s likely that they’ll surge past you.
  • It’s a flexible solution – when you’re in the cloud, scaling up or down is easy and quick.
  • Boosting communication between your team and customers – the cloud makes collaborating and sharing documents a real-time experience.
  • Improving the way you work – when you’re in the cloud, your team can work from anywhere and any device.
  • Reducing your capital expenditure – an investment in the cloud means a dramatic slash to your hardware spend.
  • Increasing your security – contrary to popular perceptions, the cloud is often far more secure than your own systems, though you do need to ensure your data is stored in Europe.

Find the right solution with an individual assessment

As you’ll probably already be able to tell, we’re big cloud fans.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll recommend it in every circumstance. In fact, every business needs an individual assessment to identify whether the cloud is the right solution.

  • Our strategic, consultative approach ensures the solution we recommend for you is right.
  • There are circumstances – where there are connectivity issues, or if you have certain applications that need to work together, for example – where we may not recommend the cloud.
  • Our assessment might find that a hybrid approach will work best for you, in the first instance at least.

Our expert, experienced Solutions Consultants team work through all your options, devising a tailored solution that’s exactly right to overcome your challenges and meet your precise needs.

We work with the best partners to deliver first-rate solutions

And once we’ve devised the best approach, you benefit from our strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Mimecast to deliver the best technology for your business.

  • For example, Office 365 empowers you to access your everyday tools (including email) from wherever you are.
  • And Microsoft Azure is a fantastic IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution.

But that’s not to say we’d recommend these options in every situation. Ultimately, we work in partnership with you to define the right direction for your business and implement a solution to put you on this path.

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