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Cloud Printing, simple, cost effective and secure

With Cloud Printing you can print from any device which is connected to the internet and send those jobs directly to any printer connected to the internet.

Cloud ready printers don’t need drivers installed as they will pick up the job without the requirement for these, and you can share printers and collaborate with your teams, suppliers and partners.

For business use, standard Google cloud print unfortunately lacks the ability to track print jobs and assign print policies that are provided with traditional or managed printing. We have a solution for that, it’s called PaperCut and it means you can have the freedom of Cloud printing and the security and tracking ability of Managed Print.

With PaperCut you don’t need Google Cloud Ready printers as the software provides the Cloud solution.  It’s especially useful if your teams work remotely and need to send some data for a meeting in the office, with Cloud printing and PaperCut it’s a simple print request to the printer of your choice. That printout will remain in the system on the printer until it’s released by those with access to that job, or a single person depending on the print parameters and teams you’ve created.

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