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Case Study: InterAct Medical

IT Support for UK’s Top Fast 50 Recruitment Firm

InterAct Medical have topped the rankings as the UK’s fastest growing privately owned staffing company in the 2014 Recruiter Fast 50 index. The firm provides flexible workforce and specialist staffing solutions across the healthcare sector.

Based in Milton Keynes and employing over 90 full-time staff, InterAct Medical have used Mirus IT to provide a variety of IT support services for the rapidly growing business since it began in 2007.

The Challenge

The recruitment industry is subject to high levels of compliance and regulation, with increasing legislation and a rapidly growing number of individuals to manage as the economy recovers. Specialising in healthcare recruitment, InterAct Medical are subject to even higher levels of security, complexity and scrutiny due to the sensitivity of work undertaken by the medical professionals they source. Data integrity and information reliability is therefore critical to the reputation and long term success of the firm.

With ambition and tenacity in abundance, InterAct Medical needed an IT services partner that could provide a seamless level of IT support for bespoke industry applications and software, while being able to facilitate the firm’s aggressive growth targets.

The Solution

With systems performance and network access identified as top business priorities, InterAct Medical selected Mirus based on a referral. They were reassured of the demonstrable expertise of the technical team to be able to proactively monitor systems and rapidly respond to emerging issues. As part of a recurring Managed Services contract agreement, Mirus deployed a full-time onsite engineer and installed our managed disaster recovery and backup solution to cover all business performance and continuity scenarios.

Our dedicated onsite engineer provides an extra level of support that clients sometimes prefer depending on their infrastructure and business configuration. In this case, this approach has enabled InterAct Medical to achieve maximum efficiency from infrastructure investments as their systems receive an extremely focused level of attention from an onsite IT Manager who receives a standardised and regulated technical competency programme provided by Mirus.

Should onsite demand increase beyond reasonable manageability, the team of 50 remote and field engineers at Mirus’ disposal are available to ensure undisturbed performance of InterAct Medical’s systems.

InterAct Medical’s network is optimised to cater for the storage and use of large-scale databases. Mirus provide end-to-end solutions support for a number of industry-bespoke applications including; Websense (web filtering) and Safend (data management software), both essential due to the sensitive nature of the environment. InterAct Medical also use Microsoft Rights Management Active Directory which controls and reports on user file access to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.

Our backup product provides a two-tier replication and disaster recovery solution should the main premises suffer a major outage. Data and systems are fully replicated across backup hardware stored onsite, with data additionally replicated at two offsite datacentres. This allows for most efficient continuation of services if disaster recovery is invoked.

“We have a very open environment at InterAct Medical. Everyone is on the same floor and is part of the action. That’s why having the permanent onsite support from a Mirus engineer was important to us as it allows us to preserve that culture with our partners – acting as an extension of our own team effectively.

The engineer we have is a highly valuable asset to our business, and his friendly, professional and helpful manner is exactly what we need to get the job done.”

Steve Young, Director

The Results

Mirus has been able to develop a strong, detailed understanding of InterAct Medical’s business priorities and ambitions due to the longstanding and evolving nature of the relationship.

By adopting a proactive approach in the monitoring and maintenance of their systems, InterAct Medical has been able to achieve significant cost efficiencies in the utilisation of their infrastructure.

The seamless availability of technical resources from Mirus has given InterAct Medical much guidance, reassurance and a more thorough understanding of the impact technology has on commercial success – a position that has served the firm well with phenomenal growth in recent years.

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