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Can Your Business Afford to be Without Cyber Essentials

Can Your Business Afford to be Without Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a voluntary, government-backed accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations with stringent cyber security provisions.

It’s essential for any organisation bidding for central government or MOD contracts, but still comes highly recommended for any business entrusted with personal and sensitive data. The accreditation is an excellent opportunity to assess your company security, as well as confirm your protective capabilities to clients and organisations.

That’s providing, of course, that you budget for it.

It’s not that a Cyber Essentials accreditation is prohibitively expensive - because it isn’t - but that businesses worldwide are failing to factor the cost of security into their strategy.

According to a Cyber Security survey by EY,  87% of businesses worldwide feel that they lack the budget for their cyber security needs. Furthermore, 77% of organisations only operate with ‘limited cyber security and resilience’, and more than half don’t factor cyber security into their everyday business strategy.Click to open our free infographic

That last fact’s especially concerning, not least when business strategies are increasingly favouring blockchain technologies, AI learning and robotics. In the chase for those latest technical trends, is security merely a secondary concern - reviewed only when the funds on extravagant tech have run dry?

More than ever, clients are trusting that companies and service providers can keep their personal data protected. So too are the UK and the EU, whose GDPR legislation enacts strict new rules to benefit both the public and its businesses. Diligent security is a client expectation - and that makes it an industry essential. With the staggering cost of the UK’s first GDPR fines, now’s the time to adjust both your budget and your strategy for adequate security solutions.  


Cyber Essentials is an invaluable part of both, not only confirming your dedication to security but broadening your company’s potential. By being accredited, you know that your cyber security is manageable and proportionate, and your clients know that your company protection is approved by the UK government. Not only could this significantly expand your client base, it could broaden your company horizons too; as we mentioned earlier, applying for yours makes your company legible for government contracts.

It might first appear as a box-ticking exercise, but a Cyber Essentials certification is so much more than just a seal of approval – it’s a major part of keeping your security proportionate and your strategy expansive. Hopefully in next year’s survey, people won’t be questioning whether they can afford their cyber security, but whether they can afford to be without it.


Looking to Apply for Your Cyber Essentials Certification?

As an IASME-approved certification body, Mirus can help get your business set for cyber security success.

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Or to find out about important changes to Cyber Essentials due to arrive next year, check out our blog Cyber Essentials is Evolving.


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