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Can Technology Teach Better Business Growth

Can Technology Teach Better Business Growth?

Business technology, in all its applications, is unanimously relied upon by the modern enterprise. It’s also highly misunderstood.

What an enterprise gets out of its technology can be worth so much more than the cost, but owners first need to know where to look.

For the most part, UK businesses have their technical priorities down. Sure, Cyber Security adoption isn’t quite where it needs to be, but stats suggest it’s finally been treated with more reverence than ever, frequently cited by business owners as a key technical priority. More recently, the shock of 2020’s enforced remote working has subsided, making way for worldwide appreciation of virtual workspace benefits.

Implementation is one thing, but the next major challenge is application. How soon could you confidently analyse the results of your managed print, telephony or cyber security solutions – and know how to get even more out of them?

While tech has always subsidised our businesses, it can now help us make more informed decisions; tell us more about our customers, our processes, even our working habits. More importantly, it’s made this information easier than ever to use and understand. So who and what will influence your company next year – and how will your systems influence them?

Your Customers

From cloud communications to automated services, your infrastructure allows you to reach out and resolve your customer queries with far greater efficiency. We’re constantly connected via our VoIP solutions, while process automation lets customers access your services without making a single call – should that be their preference.

Yet your customer relationship is a two-way street, and even the simplest of communications can be analysed, assessed and used to improve your services. Your telephony solutions can help identify peak call times. Automating your online processes lets customers demand more from you – and allows you to meet those demands more efficiently. Your people are forever creating data on how best to serve them, so don’t be afraid to tap into it and forever improve your services.

Your Cloud

Speaking of outreach, don’t overlook the possibilities of your Cloud infrastructure. If 2020 introduced the few remaining sceptics to the power of the Cloud, then the next year will be spent familiarising themselves with its staggering capabilities.

Having become acquainted with the Cloud’s common applications – its file sharing, collaborative and communicative capabilities – the next year could see us adopting the cloud for exceptional industry insight. With most modern systems now Cloud-capable, Cloud analytics can cover everything your business does, offline or in the confines of the office. That gives you the freedom to identify new, more efficient ways of working, all-new avenues for reaching your customers, and company-wide analytics that put everything you track in tandem.


Your Staff

Customers aren’t the only people your tech can bring you closer to; it could also better unite your staff, empowering them to provide game-changing new ideas and ways of working.

The watchword behind all modern business software is connectivity; not only between devices, but between staff, users and departments. It’s the reason that software such as Teams, SharePoint and Azure have formed the backbone of the modern office.

Like your customers, the relationship between your clients and your business is another two-way street. As they exchange information, engage with your solutions and share resources over your company portals, they’ll give revealing insights into productivity, their most-used resources and their engagement with customers and clients. By engaging with your systems, they’ll slowly uncover how best to improve upon them.

Your MSP 

If the wealth of software and its myriad capabilities still leaves your head reeling, you needn’t tackle it alone. With almost all businesses relying on some form of Managed Service, your provider will be more than capable of tracking your technical workloads and informing you on your next major steps. With their eyes firmly set on your every IT solution, they’ll have even more insight into your tech than you alone, but will only ever work to your specifications.

Modern solutions allow us to do so much more with our infrastructure, and by better connecting us to our people and technologies, they’re also providing exceptional new insights that let us make more informed decisions.

Want a bold new strategy that empowers you to make better business decisions? Get in touch with us today and experience what makes us an empowering, award-winning Managed Service Provider.

Where else could next year take you?

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