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Can a Single Solution Solve All Your Company’s Technical Needs? Mirus IT

Can a Single Solution Solve All Your Company’s Technical Needs?

As the adage goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. The same can be said for your company infrastructure.

Are multiple industry opinions the path to efficient IT - or could a single, expert provide that unifying solution?

Consider your company’s every technical solution. You’re running a rich and intricate web of networks, print devices, software and hardware – and somewhere down the line, they’ll all need to rely on one another. Going directly to the provider of the source of your IT issue might solve the root problem, but can that supplier guarantee other network devices won’t require further assistance following the change – and are they willing, or able, to assist with the changes required?

The best setup is a unified setup; one that offers a consistent level of service no matter your problem, no matter your device and no matter your hardware provider. That’s exactly what a Managed Service Provider (MSP) strives for; providing a single point of contact for any and all technologies, managed by a professional team that knows your systems best.

An MSP can deliver the tech you need, over the entirety of your company. As the provider, they’ll be able to implement all your IT, Cyber Security, Cloud, Remote Working, Print, Telephony and Connectivity requirements into one cohesive whole. They’ll also provide a comprehensive service agreement ensuring professional management and monitoring of your entire set up to defined SLA’s.


It sounds like a gargantuan task, and to a certain extent, it is; but by providing your solutions from the ground up, your MSP has a better understanding of your companywide setup than any other provider, and will be on-hand to manage the fallout of any escalating incidents. With teams specialising in each of your technical solutions, you’ll also receive that granular level of support you would expect from a specialist partner.

Speaking of gargantuan tasks, let us introduce you to one of our most prolific clients: The Northampton Saints. As one of the world’s well respected rugby teams, The Saints needs reliable IT solutions to keep their 15,000-capacity Franklin’s Gardens stadium running swimmingly. As their trusted IT partner, Mirus IT provides the Backup, Data Recovery and VCIO solutions for the Saints. We were also behind the WiFi supporting their incredible entry into running large events, with their Lionel Richie 2018 concert – where we built a connection designed to sustain the 10,000+ fans in attendance.

We’re far from the largest SME in the UK - clocking in at just over 100 employees - but our various projects for The Saints are an example of just how capable an accredited, award-winning MSP can be. It’s our technical solutions which again are supporting The Saints through Covid-19, providing the technologies that made their recent ‘Drive-In Weekender’ such a success. We continue to keep all staff connected via our remote working solutions too.

Lewis Ludlam - Back Row


"In the past, without technologies such as Microsoft teams and Office 365, we haven’t had the flexibility that we have now, to work through this unprecedented period. To keep in touch, even when we’re miles apart, and to work collaboratively within The Cloud so easily and seamlessly.

Thanks to foundations laid by Mirus moving to this new way of working was simple and seamless. We players have used Teams to communicate and host team meetings whilst working from home.

Thanks to Mirus for the support through these times."


Our Saints Case Study provides a more in-depth look at some of the solutions we’ve provided, and you can download it here.

Entrusting your tech to a single IT specialist can feel daunting. You’re relying on them to know your every technical solution from top to bottom. Yet in implementing fully-featured solutions and providing full IT coverage daily, nobody can truly match their knowledge of your systems; and when you know that your every query can be resolved with a single point of contact, it simplifies your systems like never before.

Not only is a single provider entirely feasible, then – it could even be the best possible solution.

What Makes a Perfect IT Partner?

Our eBook asks that very question, providing everything to look for, expect and avoid in yours. 

What Makes the Perfect IT Partner eBook

Download it now through the link above.


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