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Mirus IT launch browser shortcut tool and cheat sheet

We know that using a computer can prove challenging from time to time, but at Mirus IT we like to be prepared for all eventualities. This is what led us to compile some of our most commonly used browser shortcuts in our new tool

Mirus IT keyboard shortcuts

Some of these you might be familiar with already, but you might be losing precious working time if you don't know how to zoom in to your browser window with only two touches of your keyboard.

You'll have to visit the tool to learn about all of the shortcuts we love, but we'll let you in on one of our little secrets: to zoom in on a PC you'll need to press 'Ctrl' + '=', and on a Mac it's 'cmd' + '='.

As you can probably guess by what we've just said, we have considered both PC and Mac users with our keyboard shortcuts. If you visit the tool and want to see the equivalent shortcut on a Mac keyboard, all you need to do is toggle between the two choices above the keyboard.

mac keyboard shortcuts

Whichever version of the tool you need, you'll probably want to understand how it works. Luckily it's all very easy. Search for the browser shortcut you need in the left-hand drop down menu, or start typing it in the box on the right-hand side. Once you identify the shortcut you need, the keys will light up on the keyboard and will appear underneath the drop down menu.

You can use the full functionality of our tool on desktop, laptop and tablet, and we've created a slimline version for mobile devices just in case you need to look clever whilst on the run. You never know what kind of questions will pop up on your local pub quiz...

We hope you enjoy our new tool, and more so we hope that you save time knowing how to clear your browsing history, or how to go back one tab, all without needing to use your mouse.

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