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British Airways

British Airways Proves there’s More to be Lost from a Data Breach than GDPR Fines

As if British Airways weren’t still reeling from this year’s GDPR fine –coming in at a heady £183.39 million – the airline has a whole new set of costs to consider; close to 500,000, in fact.

High Court judge, Mr. Justice Warby, has granted a group litigation order against the airline, opening the floodgates for more than 500,000 compensatory claims.

Following the ruling last Friday, over 5,000 of those affected have already sought legal counsel, and it’s safe to expect more will follow; this high-profile data breach can’t have escaped the public eye thanks to its record breaking GDPR fine.

What the litigation helps to hammer home, though, is the importance of your security solution. Remember, it’s not breaches that companies are fined for, but for failing to enact adequate security measures. By ensuring that your company’s data is protected by recognised and approved security standards, your chances of being fined – or indeed, suffering the same reputational damage as BA – are greatly reduced.

At Mirus, we can help businesses attain Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations, ensuring your enterprise’s cyber security meets strict standards.

This not only helps to keep you protected, but reduces the risk of any GDPR fines should a data breach occur. You can read more about our accreditation offerings here.

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