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Break On Through to the Other Side

More Tech Jargon Explained

Every day, millions of people flock to their computer to surf and work, and even though as a species we now spend as much time on-line as we do sleeping, there are still some commonly heard terms that remain ambiguous to many, especially in the business world.

Lets have a look at some of the terminology that is commonly misunderstood and aim to clarify what they mean:

businessman breaking trough a wall

1. Cloud Computing

The “cloud” is easily the most misunderstood term in technology. Ask ten people and you will likely get 10 answers, and even some stammers. In reality, it's actually quite easy to define: The cloud is a term applied to any software or service that runs on the Internet. Some examples of "the cloud" include: Google Apps, iCloud, DropBox, Spotify, Microsoft Office 365, our own M-Cloud, etc. The key here is: If you need an Internet connection to access the service/app/software, then it's likely cloud-based.

Its benefit: It has become a larger storage of data, allowing businesses to reach full capabilities as the cloud is a more powerful computing system than the traditional single-unit computer. Moving into the cloud is a common business undertaking now, as companies - from the smallest to the most established ones - have seen its benefits. The cloud has become so pervasive that it's hard to find a business who isn't using at least one system these days. 

2. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea of connecting literally everything to the Internet or a network. This includes concepts like run of the mill TV's that allow you to surf the Internet or as high tech as Fridges that can send you grocery lists based on what is taken out of the fridge or even SMART boards in classrooms that can automatically beam what's on the board to a tablet or student's laptops. 

In a nutshell: It could help in solving labour-shortage problems, making business operations faster, help your house become more environmentally efficient, it can even help you get fitter! Check out this video by Fw:Thinking on You Tube to see how 'The Internet of Things' is the beginning of the very near future...


3. Mission Critical Systems

A mission critical system is a system or business process that is essential to the survival and operation of a specific business, for example; their customer database. A Mission critical System can be defined as the heart of the enterprise, as removing it would surely cause a business to collapse. In other words, if your company can't operate without it, it's mission critical.

n.b A mission-critical system can also be referred to as mission essential equipment or mission critical applications.

Its significance: Today, as the cloud continues to gain popularity because of its many advantages, companies are moving their respective mission critical systems to the cloud to make them more resilient, protected, or even invulnerable. The goal of this move is also to deliver higher customer experience, better service, and stronger business continuity plan.

4. Virtualisation

Virtualisation is moving of physical systems you can see and touch into a digital environment, thus making it more efficient, utilizable, and powerful. Simply put, it is the digitalisation of the traditional computer networking methods such as desktop, server, file, storage and network to create a more seamless and powerful computer system.

Its most essential benefit: It helps businesses cut down all kinds of operations-related costs such as IT, power and electricity, and manpower, as virtualisation eliminates the need for more hardware, computer systems, office space, and designated people hired for maintaining and focusing on various IT tasks.

If you are fed up with tech terms, don't worry, we talk normally here at Mirus! Contact us to learn more about our helpful and friendly approach.

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