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Blue Sky Thinking How the Cloud is Driving Collaborative Working Mirus IT

Blue Sky Thinking: How the Cloud is Driving Collaborative Working

We may still be miles apart from one another, but now, thanks to the Cloud, we’re more equipped than ever for collaborative working.

How is the Cloud accelerating the way we work as a team – and can it really take us further than just another video conference?

2020 might not win any awards for its contributions to group gatherings, but it’s been one heck of an advertisement for the potential of the ‘Collaborative Cloud’.

The buzz around collaborative capabilities certainly isn’t new – it was practically the catchphrase of the business world back in 2019 – but in forcing us to move our work to cloud-enabled solutions, this year has been a revelation for businesses worldwide. Already, enterprises who had never before embraced Remote Working are preparing to make it a permanent fixture long after their return to the office.

Yet the true collaborative potential of the Cloud is broader than this common example and ensures a wholly integrated workforce without compromise. Here’s how.

It’s Completely Unified

Hardware, software, device, location; whatever separates one user from another, the Cloud ensures they have the same experience however they connect to it. Web-based software, for example, allows access to pertinent office software without the need for installation, while the browser-based interface means that anything with an internet connection can get users up and running.

But let’s take that freedom further, and move our employees to a purely cloud-based environment. Without being restricted by location, your talent pool has increased, potentially, to a worldwide portfolio. Sourcing and conversing with that perfect new team member is instantly accessible, and your cloud setup makes it easier to introduce them to projects, files and team members.

It Gives Presence to Your Company

The Cloud isn’t just taking work from the office and casting it into the ether. If anything, it’s an opportunity to truly extol your company presence. With platforms such as SharePoint, you could create extensive business portals where not only is your work shared, but also crucial business files, updates and resources. Creating such a vast repository of information is the quickest way to share insights with teams, receive companywide feedback or exchange important messages. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


As Your Team Grows, So Does Your Technical Capacity

This is the real heavy-hitter. Virtual solutions are the ultimate equaliser, ensuring companies of all styles and sizes aren’t held back by hardware limitations. When your teams identify the need for extra network capacity, computing power, or even analytical resources, solutions such as Azure, you’re able to implement them when they’re needed, for as long as they’re needed. The fact that these are all provided virtually – meaning no extra hardware is needed – ensures that if they do reach their maximum capacity, your users are never far from that extra added oomph.

Cost Efficiency

Of course, when no dedicated devices, servers or hardware are needed to keep your workforce connected, you create an infrastructure that’s as economical as it is accessible. From here, the budget for your next cloud investment has nowhere to go but up.

At first, the cloud seemed a reaction to the growing demand for remote working; now it has become the driving force behind your ability to compete, collaborate and create proficient new ways of working.

With the events of 2020 and the demands of the modern worker, you’ve nothing to lose by making its abilities accessible to all.

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