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2019 Apprenticeships Week

Blaze a Trail - National Apprenticeships Week 2019

Last year’s National Apprenticeship Week 2018 broke records with over 780 events across England, each promoting and celebrating the positive impacts apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy.

2019’s National Apprenticeship Week takes place from Monday 4th March to Friday 8th March, coinciding with National Careers Week and International Women’s Day on the Friday. This year, we’re hoping for yet another record-breaker.

National Apprenticeships Week is used to promote and inform people on how beneficial apprenticeships can be, for both the apprentices and the employers.

This year’s theme is “Blaze a Trail”, an attempt to change the attitudes people have towards apprenticeships. Skills Minister and MP the Rt Hon Anne Milton said:

“I want everyone to recognise the change that apprenticeships can bring – for employers blazing a trail to new markets, apprentices to new career opportunities and for colleges and training providers raising the skills levels for everyone.”

Apprenticeships are most popular with the younger generation of 16 to 25-year olds. In total for the UK, there are 7 levels of apprenticeships available, ranging from GCSE all the way up to bachelor’s or master’s degree equivalents, in over 300 subjects all over the country.

Apprentices earn whilst they learn, working during the week and typically attending college for only one of those days, with the work from one complimenting their progress in the other.  People as young at 16 can be in a full-time job, working towards qualifications, gaining independence and earning money - which is a great way of setting them up for their futures. Once they’ve completed their apprenticeships, many go on to pursue a career within that subject. If not, they’ll still acquire so many valuable life skills and experiences, that they can then apply to anything they do in their future.

Although many young people still choose the university route, nowadays a degree-level apprenticeship offers an equivalent qualification, with subjects ranging from Software Development to even becoming a nurse!

Many companies offer apprenticeships in various professions and at different levels. Apprentices can bring so much to a company, such as new ideas and the ability to apply their college skills to their new jobs.

At Mirus, our Apprenticeship Accelerator Scheme aims to create over 20 apprentice roles across different departments within Mirus. Since the scheme launched, we’ve employed over 10 apprentices, 5 of which have progressed into permanent roles after completing their apprenticeships. These roles range across various departments such as our Service Desk, Marketing and Procurement.

Paul Tomlinson, Mirus’s Managing Director, was selected as an ambassador for MK College the same year our Apprenticeship Accelerator scheme was launched. Mirus work closely with MK College to create apprentice roles at the company and we really appreciate the partnership we have with the college, making these opportunities possible for our apprentices.

If you’d like to know more about apprenticeships within Mirus, and to see see what opportunities we have on offer, please get in touch.


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