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Beware the Rising Threat of Ryuk

If only you could set a trap for Ransomware as easily as you could set your watch to it. Sure enough, another week has gone by and another particularly nasty example is set to steal the cyber threat spotlight. This week, more and more businesses are falling prey to the threat of Ryuk; a Ransomware so nasty the ‘Yuk’ is right there in the title

Ryuk’s a sophisticated Ransomware, taking place in multiple stages over a sequence of sinister steps. Like the majority of malware, Ryuk hides itself in malicious spam emails and installs Emotets and Trickbots when activated.

These then hijack your important credentials, create a new user with Administrator privileges, and about your network’s active directory. Here’s where it gets truly nasty though – before Ryuk installs itself on the network, it deletes your backups and disables your anti-virus and security software. Only then does Ryuk’s campaign of carnage begin, extorting businesses with the usual demands for bitcoin.

What makes Ryuk such a threat is its modus operandi; targeting and compromising all protective measures before demanding payment, leaving businesses feeling helpless. Because it often targets large-scale businesses such as financial institutions, it’s also more advanced than your average ransomware; the late attack stages are actioned remotely by the person behind the attack, so there’s human intelligence navigating your security and not just an automated one.

Sound hopeless? It needn’t be. Not many Ransomwares are as nasty as Ryuk, but all can be protected against with the usual security precautions:

- Educate your teams with regular Phishing Awareness Training.
- Make regular backups of your important files and store them on a secure, separate server.
- Update your devices regularly, ensure Administrator privileges are managed appropriately, and protect your machines with the latest patches, software and protections.

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