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BBC Tech Correspondent Highlights

XP 150Anyone in the tech and IT industry will be very familiar with the Windows XP end of life campaigns happening across the globe. IT Support providers such as Mirus IT have long been providing early warnings and encouraging customers to prepare early due to the unforeseen implications cybercrime may have.

Many users have migrated their operating systems to the later Windows 7 and Windows 8, however, come April 8th when support ends for the longstanding XP operating system, it is calculated that about 25% of all machines will still be running on the, then, unsupported systems.

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Microsoft have extended some security to do their best to prevent sudden vulnerabilities, however, according to this report, the problem is largely out of their control.

Computer and internet activity has changed dramatically since XPs market entrance in October 2001 and is not equipped to handle the level of attacks hackers and cyber criminals operate at, as opposed to the newer operating systems that have been able to keep reasonable pace.

Depending on the proliferation of XP machines within organisations migrating to newer systems will have varying time scales, however, can this take several weeks or months to fully implement.

There is then the cost of this process which many would rather they didn’t have to bear. Mirus IT are able to advise on leasing options to reduce large one-off costs. And there is the supply of new machines after April 8th should demand suddenly peak, exacerbating any issues at the time by incurring delays in sourcing new machines.

Original detail of XP end of life can be found from Mirus IT’s earlier posts.

Information on new business features of Windows 8 and 8.1 can also be found on the Ask Mirus Blog.

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