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Are your employees your weakest Cybersecurity link?

Cybersecurity breaches are expensive and becoming more and more commonplace.

Even with industry-leading cybersecurity measures in place, modern malware tactics are increasingly becoming too sophisticated and are often undetected.

With the right Security Awareness Strategy, your employees and users can protect you and your clients and your suppliers!

Your employees are your first line of defence, their emails and online activity can guarantee your cyber security or simply destroy it, leaving you, and your clients at the mercy of cyber criminals.

To strengthen your defences from a malware or phishing attack, your end users, your employees, your teams can undertake proven and comprehensive Security Awareness Training. Educate your first line defence to be cyber savvy and malware aware and safeguard you and your clients and turn your teams into your very own Cyber Security Heros!

By employing regular Security Awareness Training Programmes, SME’s significantly improve their overall IT strategy and reduce costs associated with remediation. Your clients, customers and suppliers will be reassured by your commitment to their cyber security and your security due diligence.

Get in touch and we can undertake a FREE Phishing Test on your employees and IT users! Find out if they really are your weakest link.

By investing in your company’s security awareness you’ll break bad habits by teaching your employees about the critical role they have in keeping your company safe from cyber criminals. With the Mirus Phishing and Security Awareness Service, your business and those businesses that you work with, can rest assured that you are taking proactive measurements to ensure online security.

With the threat-landscape forever changing and developing, certifying that you have invested in recurring high-quality, relevant, actionable training will keep your company head and shoulders above your competition.

Research shows that changing employee behaviour through continuous security education, can reduce the risk of a security breach by an average of 50%.*

*Aberdeen Group. “Security Awareness Training: Small Investment, Large Reduction in Risk.” July 17

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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