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Are you taking cyber crime seriously?

What do UK Leaders and CEO’s know about Cyber Crime?

As an MSP, it’s our responsibility to educate our clients on their cyber security, and to ensure we’re recommending and supporting the most effective solutions and recovery systems, but it’s their responsibility to act on our advice.

One of the reasons we’re running our summit in November, is that although CEOs are more aware of the implications - as each day there’s a new breach, ransomware or malware attack reported in the news – some still think they won’t be a victim. If they don’t think they can be a victim, they tend not to plan for this eventuality and they tend not to have systems in place to recover from an attack and data breach.

Business continuity planning is essential, even if you believe the risk to be low as it’s not just the incident itself that can bring a business to its knees, it’s much more! SME’s can be crippled due to downtime, rebuild time, reporting of the event to the correct authorities, damage limitation, insurance costs, potential fines, the loss of reputation and then the rebuild back to before the attack or issue.

Education is key, we’re bringing industry experts to Milton Keynes to explain potential cyber security dangers, and to provide information and advice regarding the best practices to protect your businesses.

Recently KPMG surveyed 150 UK Leaders and 1,150 CEO’s about cyber crime and the results demonstrate that CEO’s are taking their cyber security more seriously, the #BCSS18 will provide expert information about the cyber landscape and how businesses can ensure they are prepared and proactive.

If cyber security is high on your agenda, we’d love to see you at the Bucks Cyber Security Summit in November, you can grab your space here.

BCSS 2018

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