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Appreciating our Employees on Employee Appreciation Day

Last year, Mirus had their sights set on employing 100 workers. We recently reached, and exceeded this goal, which is an amazing achievement for the business. Plus, it’s great having so many members in the MTeam! 

100 is a number often used and associated with milestones. For example, a pound, percent and even a whole century. In just over a decade we’ve achieved 100+ employees - where could we be in the next ten years? 

10 years ago, there were 25 employees at Mirus, but now, in 2019, we’ve gained more than 4 times that amount! In that time, we’ve made many memories as a business, but also as a team. We’ve won numerous awards over the years, including the Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards 2011 and the CRN – SMB Reseller of the Year Award for 2016.

This past year we’ve added some more incredible accolades to our belt, The Best Company to Work for at the CRN Sales and Marketing 2018, the MK Business Awards for Customer Service of the Year 2018, winning both the SME MK and Buckinghamshire Business of the Year Award, the Runner-Up Award for Service Excellence, plus winning the SME Business of the Year Award 2019!

We’ve also completed multiple 3 Peaks Challenges over the years, as well as hosted events raising money for various charities, and taken part in many other charity events. Having employed more people, we’ve also outgrown and moved offices and last year, we even hosted the first ever Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit 2018, so Mirus really has achieved a lot over the years - well done MTeam!

Here is what some of our MTeam SMT believe are our biggest business achievements over the years.

Paul Tomlinson "Whilst the growth in turnover has been amazing, two major moments stand out in my mind.

  1. Moving into our current office and providing the team with some amazing facilities.
  2. Hosting the first MIRUSFEST in 2018, seeing all of the team mingle with colleagues but each other's families really showed we're not just building a company, we're building a family."

Tom Williams “Keeping the Mirus personality in the business while growing into a more corporate company.”

Dan Sharp "I think the culture that's been created i.e. work hard play hard, nice office atmosphere and facilities etc."

What do you think the future will be for Mirus?

Paul Tomlinson "In terms of what comes next, we’ve got lots happening at the moment , we’re seeing strong organic growth and we’ll finish our 2018/2019 year with a significant increase in the size of the team as well as the turnover in the business. This year is really about continuing to deliver on already established plans, added to this we’re going to be looking at other products and services which we feel may benefit our clients."

Tom Williams “Onwards and upwards. More great customers, more amazing colleagues and more recurring income to create an even stronger sustainable well renowned business.”

Dan Sharp "The continued growth at a sustainable rate. Continuing to offer high standards of customer service and satisfaction to our clients."

Now we’ve reached this target, what do you want to see happen next? What is the new goal for Mirus?

Paul Tomlinson "In terms of what happens now, we've reached 100 staff, not really sure anything changes - it was a huge milestone and not one I ever even considered in 2002 when the business was founded, but now we've achieved it I guess we need to push for 200!"

Tom Williams “Keep our identity, keep providing excellent customer service, never lose sight of the end goal of making our customers lives easier and more efficient, and push on towards 150 staff.”

Dan Sharp "Looking for other additional services that are of value to our clients to either help them to be more productive/more efficient/more secure etc."

With today being Employee Appreciation Day, we'd like to thank all the #MTeam for their hard work, dedication and determination over the years. You've ensured and delivered our success - thank you.


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