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Another Great Weekend for the MTeam with MirusFest 2019!

June's always a great month for the MTeam, as it heralds the arrival of our annual MirusFest event! 

While the season's festivalgoers typically swarm towards the mud-drenched fields of the Download Festival, the MTeam went one better with a festival of their own. Something of a tradition now, MirusFest is all about the team and their families, bringing together everything they'd want from the festival experience (with the added value of clean, well-presented toilet facilities). 

Preparations for the festival began earlier in the year, with the various attractions and activities being booked and a frankly staggering stockade of sweets. Paul Tomlinson, Tom Williams and Jack Winkel kindly dedicated their time to getting the festival prepared (while Paul took the opportunity to get behind the wheels of a John Deere tractor!), to ensure a winning Saturday celebration. 

The festival took place, as it did last year, over an expanse of farmland kindly provided by one of our key team members. As the Saturday kicked off and members of the MTeam piled in through the main entrance, all that was left to do was enjoy the perfect weather for our outdoor entertainment.

A few team members started the afternoon with a quick Segway tour of the land, while others pitched their tents in preparation for some late-night camping into the weekend. Our own Head of Marketing, Pippa Loveridge, tried her hand at clay pigeon shooting; something she describes as 'absolutely terrifying' but wasn't afraid to attempt a good three times! Elsewhere, team members enjoyed venting their workplaces frustrations on one another in the safety of inflatable sumo costumes or soft gladiator batons. The MTeam and their families also enjoyed learning axe and knife throwing, various bouncy gladiator style attractions, making their own pizza, creating their own ice creams and some stunning glittery face painting. 

There might not have been any record-breaking bands on the MirusFest main stage, but the main event was once again the performance of our in-house band, the Mirus Allstars, featuring Ryan Lightfoot, Peter Hack, George Hudson, Ben Nigro, Hannah Braxton, Paul Titheradge, Liam Pickard and Chris Maybray. Starting at 6, the MTeam's more musical members took to the stage to perform a setlist of popular favourites that the band had been practicing in the months leading up to the weekend's performance.  

Following a blinding setlist, an impromptu and completely unrehearsed encore "Summer of 69" kept the crowd going, while an uncertain rendition of "We Will Rock You" still managed to get the MTeam chanting along with enthusiasm. 

After a night full of drink, food, fun and festivities, we're proud to have delivered another brilliant MirusFest to cap off the middle of the year!

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director at Mirus said: “It’s great to have another successful MirusFest under our belts this year and to bring the team and their families together to celebrate our year’s achievements. The team did an excellent job organising this event, and it was brilliant to see so many families joining in the activities. Also, I got to ride a tractor, which is always nice”.

It's safe to call this year's MirusFest a resounding success, and we can't wait to do it all again next year! 

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