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Ronni Mirus Digital Marketing Apprentice

A Diary of the Mirus Digital Marketing Apprentice

The first week of my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was so scary but so exciting. There were a lot of new things going on around me, like working in an office for the first time, working for a marketing department for the first time, oh and not being at school anymore!

I had a lot to be nervous about.

However, after my first week, I soon realised I had nothing to be worried about because everyone at Mirus made everything feel a lot less daunting and they were very welcoming.

Monday. The day it all began.

The day that took so long to arrive but went so fast! I didn’t know how to feel that morning, there was a mixture of excitement and nerves, but I did know I couldn’t wait to be starting my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Mirus IT. When I arrived at the office, I was so nervous, however it was relieving to know I wasn’t the only person starting that day, as another apprentice was too.

My first week was busy – which I knew it would be, not only because it was my first week, but because Mirus was hosting the first ever Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit. I soon noticed that there was a lot to do in preparation for the event, which had over 100 people attending, in only a few days’ time.

I met my team, who were frantically trying to get everything sorted, and I could feel the pressure was on. They were very friendly and made me feel welcome the moment I met them.

My first task of the day was learning how to take photos of employees for social media and internal use. Pippa, my manager, showed me what I had to do, and then it was my turn to take the other new person’s photos. Once I had taken the photos, I was shown how to edit them, and with a little bit of guidance, I had completed my first task. Being thrown straight in was scary, but it was just my nerves. I felt positive being given responsibility so early on and made me feel more confident in my role. 

My next task was to help pack the bags for the event, which was a good ice breaker to getting to know my team. Everyone was kind to me and put my nerves at ease. Later, that day, we went for lunch and to see Chicheley Hall the lovely venue for the event. It was a great first day!

Tuesday. Day two.

The nerves were still there but were nowhere near as extreme as the previous day. I arrived at work to see an email that another new person had started. Using what I had learnt Monday, I went and took their photos and edited them. It was only my second day, but I had a task that I could complete by myself already! I was then shown how to write the email for new people which was another task I could then do myself. Most of the day was spent preparing for the Thursday coming up, but it was also the day I became enrolled with MK College, as they are who my apprenticeship is with. 

Wednesday. First day of college.

I was slightly apprehensive about attending MK College, but I knew the other people on my course would be in the exact same position as me. I reminded myself that they were also doing digital marketing apprenticeships, so we all had at least one thing in common.

For my apprenticeship, I go to college one day a week. On that day, I learn and work towards the qualifications for my apprenticeship. To pass my apprenticeship, I have to complete, and pass qualifications, and implement what I learn at college into my work day so that I do on the job learning. My apprenticeship is a Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship. Over the next 18 months I will learn how to be a Digital Marketer and work towards a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Level 4 Award in Digital Marketing and an MTA (Microsoft Technical Academy) HTML5 certificate. I then have to complete an assessment to complete my apprenticeship.

Thursday. The day of the BCSS18 event

Thursday quickly arrived, as did the event. Upon arriving at Chicheley Hall, I was welcomed by my team and given my role for the day - which was to meet and greet the people attending, sign them in, and give them their bag. I also had to take some photos for social media throughout the day. I sat in on some of the talks, which were very interesting, and I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences from the day which zoomed by and was a success!

Friday was here, and I couldn’t believe it!

I had finished my first week at Mirus, and already learnt so much! We spent the last day going over how the event had gone and feeling very pleased with how it went. We also spoke about how my first week had been, and I explained how I had felt very welcomed and extremely happy to be working for Mirus. I'm looking forward to my future here, it's going to be a lot of fun!

In case you missed the event, why not watch the presentations videos from the first ever Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit 2018


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