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Why You Need to Plan Ahead

“Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.”

- Richard Cushing

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will go end of life on July 14th 2015.

Do not think, “Oh that’s miles away!” and stop reading.

It may seem that it’s a little early to be talking about this, but here at Mirus our motto is 'Proactive IT Support’. We don't sit down and wait for the water to rise around us, we plan ahead so we are warm and dry behind the sandbags – Where would you rather be?

Server 2003 will go end-of-life mid July, and it will be a slightly more complicated process than the Windows XP end-of-life scenario, as most servers host business critical services, so a higher level of thought and planning is likely to be involved.

Anyone still utilising Windows Server 2003 come July will have to go through the loss of all Microsoft support and more importantly all security patches, and with more than 10 million machines still running on Server 2003, doing nothing is not a choice, you need to start thinking about your options.

Businesses must start planning their migration strategies now to avoid making rushed decisions once your operations have already started to suffer disruption.

What are My Options?

You have two upgrade options; firstly you can upgrade to Windows 2008 – this is often the most compatible with the applications and functions you would be transferring over from your current server.

Your second option is to upgrade to Windows 2012 which is the latest and most modern server option.

The mission critical services, applications and bespoke systems that your business runs will have a big say in your upgrade, so why not take advantage of our free heath check with one of our technical consultants and have a more in-depth look at your options for life after Server 2003?

Let’s Make a Plan Together

Your business can avoid wasting precious resources trying to protect old hardware and software by instead planning your server migration and upgrades in advance.

With enough lead time, migration can be done with the minimum of interference to the business. This avoids the risk of a last-minute, frantic migration, and will ensure continuity of service, support and security.

Planning ahead also allows you time to make a financial strategy. Take the time to forecast, plan, and budget. The key to staying ahead, is knowing when and how to alter your course to improvement.

To remain healthy your business needs to grow and evolve with the world around it. Don't let your business get caught in the flood, climb aboard the Mirus Ark.

Case Study

Click here to read how working with a proactive and forward thinking partner can save you time and money and improve your business efficiency.


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