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7 ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Mirus IT

7 Ways Managed Services Could Save Your Business Money

Like any major investment, you want your new IT solution to be cost-effective. Yet if you’re entrusting yours to an MSP, those savings might not be immediately obvious.  

How does investing in Managed Services help a business make long-term savings?

We’ve been Managed Service Providers for almost 20 years now, and that’s more than enough time to become familiar with some common apprehensions. Moving your IT from an in-house solution to an all-new team of experts can be an uncertain, if not disquieting decision – but it’s even more difficult to know exactly how much you’ll save under their services.

The answer, as you may have guessed, is plenty; but like any long-term commitment, the advantages become more noticeable over time. Here’s some of the economic benefits you can expect within your first year of Managed Services:

Fully Consolidated Costs7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Fully Consolidated Costs

In your pursuit of savings, it helps to start off on the right foot. Your MSP wants to consolidate as much of your tech as possible into one, regular payment, not only making it easier to budget regularly, but to ensure that no added costs are incurred across anything covered in your service agreement.

This not only covers the cost of your technology, but of specialist staff as well; there’s no need to fund a team of IT experts when they’re part and parcel of your service agreement.

Decreased Downtime7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Decreased Downtime

While we all know that time is money, it’s easy to underestimate the true cost of lost productivity. In the event of a system failure or – perish the thought – a cyber attack, you want to be back up and running before the downtime allows money to slip through your fingers. Your MSP’s ongoing coverage keeps everything running at its best and, in the event of any major incidents, will have a fully tested and approved backup solution in place.

With your services constantly managed and monitored, you also benefit from a service that’s proactive, not reactive. This way, issues can be resolved before they occur, eliminating the need for those last-minute fixes or costly contract work.

Built to Last7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Built to Last

As we covered in our recent blog, Cyber Security – How Much is Too Much?, there’s a tendency among businesses to overcompensate for outdated tech by continually investing in new technologies. Not only is this economically… well, daft, it creates more opportunities for technical conflicts in your system.

Your MSP’s solution is built to last; updates are handled automatically, with technologies chosen not only for full compatibility with your systems, but for offering the most modern and renowned solutions available.

Prepared and Protected7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Prepared and Protected

Awareness of cyber threats, including phishing, ransomware and malware infections, is rising among UK businesses, and rightfully so. With small to medium business suffering greater losses from cyber crime than their big business contemporaries, a proportionate setup is essential to keep valuable funds and data protected.

Your MSP’s security will provide top-to-bottom protection for your business, costed appropriately while offering the best possible protection from cyber crime.

Totally Flexible7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money -  Totally Flexible

There’s no point investing in a provider who can’t keep pace with your company. When you’re anticipating a major company growth, you want to make sure you’re also paying proportionately for any new technologies. Your existing MSP will be more than familiar with your systems at this point, and having performed multiple upgrades can suggest your next best iteration within a reasonable budget.

There’s also the matter of upgrading your workforce; as new technologies become available and new talent enters your workforce, you want everyone to be familiar with your current technical setup. With their understanding of your solutions and your current capabilities, a good provider has the training available to get everyone and everything running harmoniously, without the need to seek outside support.

Less Waste7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Less Waste

With a Managed Print solution, your MSP could significantly reduce your paper usage, while efficiently managing your ink, toner and waste toner levels.

Your MSP can also help to test your new Managed Print environment, demonstrating reduced print queues and increased productivity during times of increased print demand.

Talk is Cheap7 Ways Managed Services Could Save You Money - Talk is Cheap

With VoIP telephony, your company communications are accessible from anywhere via any internet-enabled device. By eliminating the cost of landline rental and providing a company-wide approach to comms, you once again have a managed, company-wide system with regular, manageable payments.



By eliminating unexpected costs, liberating your resources and providing predictable monthly costs, a Managed Service Provider ensures your repairs, hardware upgrades and devices are all managed consistently under one point of contact.  


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