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5 Ways Downtime Can Cripple your Law Firm

Time_-_Money.jpgAs an operating law firm, every hour that you aren't billing is an hour lost. The internet, as well as the firm network, is crucial to completing work, meeting deadlines, and communicating between clients. However, sometimes the network can catch a virus or a disaster situation can knock out the connection completely. Regardless of the cause, downtime can hurt your law firm in more ways that one. 

1. Loss of revenue

Without an active network, your law firm won't be able to work. This downtime contributes to wasted billing hours and that means a loss in revenue. Network downtime not only discourages productivity or halts it completely, but for those firms with websites that facilitate transactions, it can also open the door to fraud. Gaps in the connectivity occasionally accept fraudulent credit cards that would normally be denied. 

2. Brand damage

It's important that downtime doesn't completely tarnish your firm's reputation. In a world where social media is prevalent and where the internet encourages instant gratification, downtime could contribute to brand damage. Negative client perception can cause monumental damage that will result in unhappy customers or a loss of them completely. Network outages that are frequent and publicized will continue to hurt the firm over time as customers and partners associate the firm with poor service and a lack of reliability. 

3. Loss of data

During network downtime, IT managers have trouble accessing the network from a remote location to diagnose and repair the problem. For your law firm it could mean having to wait for days for a physical team to get to your location. As electronic records become prevalent, a law firm is at risk to lose important client data during an outage, further damaging the reputation and decreasing profits. 

4. Additional costs 

Even though downtime can cause real-time losses, a business will incur several more costs due to a network outage. Every time the server is down, companies must pay for their IT team to solve the problem, as well as compensate for their other employees losses during that time. Sometimes, this can amount to tens of thousands of pounds or possibly more in larger organisations. Companies will spend more money implementing strategies after continual outages, then using preventative measures. You can see how you can work out how much downtime will cost your business in one of our blog posts here: http://www.mirus-it.co.uk/blog/cyber-attacks-costing-firms-in-the-legal-sector

5. Communication failure

Communication among employees, their supervisors, and their clients is essential in a law firm; they must be in constant contact. Server failures that prohibit the use of messaging systems or e-mail capabilities make rendering efficient business operations impossible. At this point, work comes to a standstill with little to no resources to use. 

Even through a disaster, there are solutions out there to help businesses get back up and running within minutes - not hours or days. For more information on backup and disaster recovery, contact us today. 

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