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Top Time Saving Tips for Managed Print

5 Top Time-Saving Tips for Managed Print

In this digital, wireless age, the modern business has a tireless need for speed. We’re all looking for the quickest and most effective route to sales and success.

Yet we’re also looking to make savings of both time and money on our everyday business procedures; and in our experience, that extra speed, added time and lowered cost comes from a pretty unexpected place – your Managed Print solution.

For some of us, Managed Print means simplifying our printing processes, ensuring whatever comes out of those feeders is printed securely and economically. Yet the capabilities of a Modern print device could be keeping things simpler still, using some lesser-known solutions to make documents – virtual or otherwise – even easier to work with.

Secure Printing

Not just protected, but proficient
Secure Print might be a way of keeping documents in the hands of their rightful owners, but it also has the subtle benefits of keeping print volumes manageable, queues minimal and waiting times shorter. With Secure Print, any print requests are put on standby until the owner is at the printer, ready to collect – authenticating themselves with a Two-Factor solution. Now, nothing but claimed documents are being printed - and not into a pile of onerous, unclaimed documents, either. 

Save Documents from the Printer

Securely save any document from the printer
Whatever documents go through your Multifunction Print Devices, many can be scanned and saved in a single step. Whether saving any and all scan jobs to a general folder, or designating a specific location at the time of print, your scanned files will be saved immediately and automatically, with a variety of file types supported too.


Upload Documents from the Printer

Send files directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, email, OneDrive or O365.
Whether it’s for filing or for easy and instant access to urgent files, scanning to the cloud keeps your documents present, correct and accessible by anyone. With most major Multifunction Print Devices supporting Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Office 365, files can be sent to your designated online storage whenever they enter your device; simply choose your upload destination and scan.

Upload Documents from the Printer

5 Time Savings Tips for Managed Print

Use bespoke workflows to automatically file documents and invoices. 
With automated workflows, your scanned and printed documents are instantly forwarded to the right recipients, eliminating laborious paper-pushing. By making the most of your Smart Document software, your system could even recognise text, letter formats, and product barcodes; not only ensuring they reach the right recipients, but that edits, amendments and redactions can be made on their way  - definitely helps to take the ‘work’ out of ‘workflows’!

Smart Monitoring

Never run dry again!
Managed Print isn’t just a solution – it’s a service. Whenever your ink toner levels are dwindling, or your waste toner levels are a little too high, Smart Monitoring makes that last-minute rush for crucial print supplies little but a distant memory. With email alerts for any new deliveries or removals, you’re under no pressure to keep serviced and supplied, and confident that you always will be.

With the proper support, your Managed Print software can not only take care of the scanning and printing of your documents, but all the processes in-between, allowing for faster, more efficient printing and less time working on those menial tasks.

For more assistance with your Managed Print – be it cutting print costs or streamlining workflows – get in touch with our print team at Mirus.

We’ll work to your strategy, goals and budget to create the perfect print solution for your business.

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