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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Office 365


Haven’t worked out why your business should be using Microsoft Office 365 yet? Here are five very good reasons.

Work smarter with integrated apps

Office 365 has two incredibly effective apps built-in - Yammer and Delve.

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) and is designed to make interacting with colleagues easier, as well as allowing you to share and collaborate on files. It also works seamlessly with everything else in the stack.

Delve is intended as essentially your own personal secretary, making use of machine learning to help you work more efficiently, while it also integrates easily with Yammer.

No longer worry about maintaining servers

Traditionally organisations have relied on local servers, but this requires the expense of maintaining them.

Because Office 365 is based in the cloud this problem is eliminated, while you can rest assured that your data will be secure with Microsoft’s Office 365 Trust Center.

Remote working made easy

With Office 365, all of the applications you’re familiar with (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) are based in the cloud, and this means they can be accessed anyway and on any device - as long as there is an internet connection.

This facilitates remote working much more easily than in the past, as well as allowing employees to continue working while on the train, waiting for a meeting to start or when they have to be at home looking after a sick child, for example.

First-class internet security

With every machine now connected to the internet at all times it is essential that your organisation utilises robust antivirus and firewall software, particularly when your documents are being stored in the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 includes extensive virus protection, as well as daily backups, which is also a benefit in regards to remote working as you know that, wherever your company’s documents are being accessed, they are being accessed securely.

A simple and streamlined UI

With Office 365 all of the apps your organisation need are in one place, while you can also pick and choose the tools you want, making it easier to cultivate your own bespoke home screen.

Microsoft Office 365 is incredibly easy to use and navigate around, even for the most non-tech savvy of employees.

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