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4 Ways Remote Working can Improve Your Employee Productivity this Winter

For some time now, we have worked in a world where technology has enabled a more mobile and agile workforce. Gone are the days of only being able to use your IT when in the office. Data, applications and infrastructure are all available thanks to technologies such as cloud computing and data networks available through mobile providers


Not every role can be delivered remotely, and in some cases, you want your teams to be present and together to work in a collaborative office space. Mobility in your workforce requires a solid strategy and a bit of time to adopt the culture.


Once adopted though there are 4 ways that remote working starts to help a business like yours stay connected with clients, suppliers and one another.  


Increased employee productivity

89% of British workers believe that they will be more productive if given the ability to enable  remote working according to an article in the Financial Times . Such is the potential boost to productivity from a workforce that it is estimated nearly 39% of remote workers will put in extra hours, compared to only 24% of office based workers.

Minimise lost man hours due to 'Snow Days'

We may have all been dreaming of a white Christmas, and still waiting for the 'Beast of East' to hit us, well, not all of us, everyone but the Managing Director that is, which isn’t surprising when reports predict that Snow Days cost the UK economy somewhere between £500 Million to £1 Billion per day.  Snow days are absolute productivity killers for some companies.

Mirus itself is a great example of a business that without mobile workforce solutions could not operate effectively if our staff were not able to get into the office. As an IT Support provider, our phone-lines simply must have people on the end of them. By utilising a mixture of cloud solutions and the Horizon telephony platform we've negated this risk. Our teams can operate from the comfort of their own homes, accessing every tool they need via their laptops, and utilising a mobile application to connect them to the company telephony system. So seamless is this system that they've access to everything they would do as if in the office. In fact, it even came to our aid earlier this year when we had to close the office due to a water leak. You can read about that here! 

Improving your employees work and life balance

As a workforce we're working longer into our retirement than any previous generation, the traditional “nuclear family” has changed and many more people must juggle being single parents, or have both parents out working full time hours to make ends meet. When you combine this with the millennial workforce that are used to being able to utilise technology to achieve a better balance between work life and home life, it's easy to see that employees’ value being able to have some flexibility in how they work. The knock-on effect to a business by enabling the ability to work flexibly and remotely means staff are more loyal, they feel valued, and ultimately will put that good will back into your business. There's a reason that 39% of remote workers put in more hours than their counter parts in the office!

Avoid lost hours due to downtime

Downtime can’t be avoided, we try as much as we can and build robust systems capable of dealing with multiple scenarios, from generators for power outages through to cloud technologies should on-site hardware fail. Those lost hours can be avoided through deploying remote working tools and help you to maintain business continuity. 

Remote working doesn't need to be something you do every day, in fact you probably want your workforce together often, so they can collaborate and build relationships that help make your business the success it is. By looking at your IT and Telephony systems together as part of your approach to offering remote and flexible working not only could you improve your staff productivity, you can help reduce risks to your business.

To find out more about mobile working solutions, such as the Horizon Mobile application contact the Mirus team today and speak to one of our Telephony experts.


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