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Blog 7 - Could a Managed Service Benefit Your Business

4 Signs You Might Need a Managed Service Provider

Between ensuring your business security is watertight, your print is secure, your IT applications are working in tandem and your company telephony is constantly connected – wherever your workers are – there’s plenty of plates to keep spinning for any business IT department. 

But at what point has your IT gone from demanding to unmanageable, and when should you look to an all-new approach to keep it all under control?

If you’re suffering from any of the following infrastructural issues, it might be time to look for a Managed Service Provider, so you can spend more time making your business the best and less on your technical needs.

You’re Intimately Familiar with ‘On-Hold’ Music

From your mobile operator to your print provider, there’s plenty of different departments to dial should your billing, devices or services go awry; and when you’re staring down the barrel of an IT emergency, with different suppliers to call, there’s no guarantee you’ll be answered promptly. Wouldn’t life be easier if your every technical need could be managed with a single call – and by a dedicated service desk who’s deeply familiar with your infrastructure?

A great MSP covers a company’s every technical need, from software to security, print to telephony, and is reachable from the same point of contact each time. With a service desk dedicated to you, the client, you’ll have faster response times without the cheesy hold music you’re far too used to hearing.

Your Cyber Spending is Through the Roof

No IT infrastructure ever comes for free, but if you’re spending thousands on IT solutions and just not reaping the results you want, it might be time to step back and let an industry expert set you up for success.

As explored in our most recent blog, How Much Is Too Much?, the cost of cyber security is rising, but much of the budget is being spent on surplus or unsuitable options. If you’re having trouble accurately assessing your IT needs, an MSP can rehaul your infrastructure in line with your new strategy. Not only can this give you the results you need, it could significantly lower the cost of your spending.


You’re Banging Your Head Against the Same Old Issues

You might be able to find temporary solutions to your IT issues, but when they rear up their ugly heads again, knocking them back down can begin to feel like an especially unrewarding game of Whack-a-Mole.

However effective your temporary solutions, they’re no cure for what’s most probably a deep-rooted technical issue; you’ll want a structure-wide assessment of your whole IT setup to nail the problem down and create a solution that ensures it doesn’t happen again. With a Managed Service, you wouldn’t only benefit from a full infrastructural overhaul, but you’d be monitored around-the-clock to make sure the issue doesn’t emerge once again from the shadows.

Your Staff Are Fast Becoming Your IT Department

When there’s a shortage of staff or skills, it’s all-too common for businesses to give existing staff more responsibilities. Yet you wouldn’t pass your most complex technical problems on to non-specialist staff; nor would you want your IT technicians distracted with issues elsewhere. 

If you’re struggling to source staff for either departments – technical or otherwise – a Managed Service Provider fulfils the IT technician role for you. That way, you free up yet more staff for the skills they truly excel at, giving both you and your employees that extra productive power.

An MSP is more than just a simple fix for your IT woes; it’s an ongoing service that ensures you, your staff and your technology can deliver the best for your business.

With an award-winning Managed Service from Mirus IT, your business IT is set up in line with your strategy; with ongoing support to ensure it delivers both inside and outside your working hours.

Could a Managed Service Provider Benefit Your Business?

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