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3 Checks to Make to Prepare for the Snow

The last two winters have been some of the worst on record with snow falling across large areas of the UK delivering cancellation, closure and chaos to commuters. Schools were closed and roads shut as snow and freezing temperatures caused problems for millions of people. With at least 10% of the UK workforce not being able to get into the office, the record is due to be broken again. This year we can be much more prepared.

1) Are your employees ready to work from home?

Check your employees know how to access files and applications from home now. If not, which users need to be able to work from home, and would you like Mirus IT Solutions to set this up in advance?

2) Are your call diverts ready to switch over to mobile devices?

Check that your switchboard systems are configured to switch to alternative mobile or home land line numbers should your office become unattended during the weather disruption.

3) Do you have an alternative plan for manual tape back-ups?

Have you considered moving to our managed disaster recovery and backup solution? Unlike standard data backup solutions, our product creates an image of your entire system over an internet connection offering a complete solution for a cost-effective monthly fee. This means that you don’t have the expense of purchasing any redundant hardware or software, and you won’t miss out on tape collections.

Keep your Business Working with Hosted Telephony

A hosted telephony solution allows for more reliable remote access meaning office calls can be answered and transferred seamlessly from remote premises.

When someone calls the office, the phone automatically calls around all remote staff until the call is answered. This is all set-up remotely meaning not a single person needs to enter the premises. This enables businesses to continue as normal with minimal upheaval and no additional cost.

Also because the system is hosted, all maintenance checks can be completed remotely usually before the customer is even aware there is a problem, thus cutting call-out charges and worry.

Hosted telephony is perfect for office and home working offering greater flexibility and enables offices to keep working whatever the weather.

“I was able to take all office calls on a VoIP handset plugged in at home using my usual office extension.”

There’s still time to get prepared for the winter weather disruptions so get in Touch with Mirus IT Solutions today on 0845 519 5055.

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