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Datto 3 Benefits of Moving to Office 365

3 Benefits of Moving to Office 365

Are you thinking about move to The Cloud and utilising Office 365? Chris Brunau is a Business Writer at Datto Inc, the world-leading provider of MSP-delivered IT solutions and an elite partner of Mirus IT.

With his unique insight into the needs and challenges of a business - from continuity to networking and security - Chris Brunau takes us through the many benefits of moving to Office 365 in this latest technical blog.

MSPs, such as Mirus IT understands the benefits of moving their clients to Microsoft Office 365. The software suite offers a great core selection of features with the convenience of SaaS applications, and it includes all the components of the classic on-premises applications, including Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online hosted in Microsoft’s cloud.

These systems are managed and monitored for always-on availability and enable redundant services across the vast network of Microsoft data centres worldwide. O365 is all about ensuring users can collaborate easily and access their files from multiple devices at any time.

While collaborative cloud software can be a fantastic tool to increase overall productivity in the workplace, it’s easy to get bombarded by all the features available if someone is new to the product. Managed Service providers, such as Mirus IT, are well aware of all the benefits that Microsoft’s Office 365 platform can bring to SMBs. They’re able to cut through the noise, and provide their clients with the specific O365 applications that will best service their business needs:

Save time and money
Instead of investing and maintaining on-premises servers, Office 365 allows SMBs to run applications in the cloud. It allows your Managed Service Provider to problem-solve remotely and removes the need for on-site management & check-ups—improving their experience. Additionally, your MSP can standardise all users at your company on the same versions of Microsoft apps. Rather than having to update everyone’s individual software packages, your MSP can get your users on OneDrive to have them using the same version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Room for growth
Office 365 offers unlimited storage, so it can scale to meet SMB business needs easily.

Work from anywhere
Keeping these applications at your fingertips can be a great asset, especially for SMBs. All users need is their login and an Internet connection, and they can collaborate and view changes in real time, from any device.

As with all business-critical data, users need a third-party backup solution to guarantee that client data is protected. After all, just because data lives in the cloud does not mean it's backed up.

MSP clients will have entrusted their provider to protect and defend their cloud data. When data is lost, speed matters in Office 365 and G Suite Backup. MSPs provide backup innovation, cloud expertise, the agility to scale and above all, recover fast. Your MSP, should they be a Datto partner, may even bundle SaaS Protection with every Office 365 license they manage.

-Chris Brunau, Business Writer, Datto Inc.

At Mirus, we recommend Datto SaaS Protection to our clients, as it won’t let critical data slip through the cracks.
Engineered to be the leading, one-stop shop for cloud-to-cloud SaaS application backup, SaaS Protection gives our clients consistently reliable granular backups, quick and easy restores and exports, secured data for compliance and regulatory needs. Datto also provide us with world-class 24/7/365 support.

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