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At Mirus IT we provide you with the proactive strategic IT services and support required for business continuity and growth whether you’re an entrepreneurial SME or an enterprise-level industry leader.

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  • Offering strategically successful solutions.
  • Providing consistent customer satisfaction.

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Excellent technology

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Expert advice

Maximising your IT effectiveness.

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Protecting your key assets.

Smart connectivity

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Superior support

Sustaining your infrastructure.

… anything that can go right will go right

Extraordinary. Remarkable. Astonishing.

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All organisations are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and the harsh facts include:
  • Almost 50% of UK firms have been hit by a cyber event in the past year.
  • 54% of companies have experienced downtime of more than eight hours.
  • Some 40% of businesses close after a disaster.
We can help you with robust solutions including:
  • Network security - next generation threat scanning.
  • Risk management to identify and understand the threats to your business.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity procedures.
  • Proactive infrastructure protection through monitoring and alerting.

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Murphy's Law

(anything that can go wrong, will go wrong)

Anything that can go right

will go right

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HP laptop models found to have hidden keylogger

In light of the recent report that HP Laptops have been found to have hidden and pre-installed keylogging software which poses a potential security vulnerability, Mirus can confirm that all pre-installed software is removed from  the PC’s that we ...



Mirus Feedback and Gamification to Drive Customer Success

Early in 2017 Mirus migrated our client feedback tool from a standard five question survey tool to a more modern three button survey with questions based around their ‘feeling’ of the service received – Love, Neutral, Bad. Alongside this simpler ...



Mirus Mucks in at Ride High Charity

We love to muck-in at Mirus. Mucking-in is one of our specialities, and what better way to test our abilities than to muck-in at Ride High Stables this week! With almost 30 horses on site, our team were in their element. We were honoured to have ...



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Client Feedback

Subject: Business Infrastructure

This is my first week with the company and George has been amazing at helping me get up and running with various programs and access issues. First class assistance :)

Client Feedback

Subject: Connectivity

Thank you so much to Pierre on his hard work. Much appreciated.

Client Feedback

Subject: Workplace Solutions

Engineer arrived on time, he carried out a very thorough investigation of the problem and resolved the issue. He was professional, efficient and gave clear and concise explanation of the work he had done. 

Client Feedback

Subject: M-Team

Great support and assistance. Everything resolved and set up. Thank you

Client Feedback

Subject: Backup and DR

Thanks, you really helped me out of a hole. My overzealous clicking nearly lost a stack of clients emails, don't ever leave Mirus!!!

Client Feedback

Subject: Managed Services

You can’t get quicker than a Mirus engineer!