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Virtual IT Director

An outsourced IT director that makes perfect financial and strategic sense

Virtual IT Director

Affordable IT direction for every business

When it comes to your IT requirements, finding and retaining a senior practitioner with the breadth and depth of experience to give best practice strategic counsel at high levels is often challenging in terms of both recruitment efforts and budget availability.

This is why we have developed a solution that enables you to utilise our Senior Technical Engineers as a virtual IT director to use as and when you need.

We see many occasions where a quick fix or a cheap solution has been advised without consideration to the wider business strategy or operational needs. The resulting long term cost is often more than adopting the right solution form the start.

Senior management can benefit greatly from taking timely, independent advice from an expert that can develop the most efficient and value-conscious solution for your needs.

Our virtual IT directors make strategic sense

With our service, you can benefit from all the skills and experience of a senior IT director for a fraction of the price of a full time resource.

Your Virtual IT Director will bring you a strategic alignment between your business needs and IT, an unbiased opinion of your current situation and future plans, and a dedicated and experienced resource that will engage at all levels from operational teams to senior management.

Virtual IT director service

The skills and assets a Mirus IT director can offer you are:

  • Overall IT policy, direction and budgeting
  • Direction on web and e-commerce issues
  • An audit of existing infrastructure performance
  • Advice on network development
  • Regular audit reports and asset registry
  • Management and quality assurance of third party suppliers
  • Attendance at management and board meetings
  • Telephone availability for general technical discussion
  • Advice on software and hardware purchases

To deliver this range of services, you effectively ‘rent’ a virtual IT director to suit the needs of your organisation, whether this be for a day a week, a few days a month, a full quarter or any other block periods of time.

We work with a wide variety of clients and have excellent benchmarks on IT expectation and performance across a range of sectors.

While Mirus IT’s virtual IT director will offer independent advice, Mirus IT is also able to offer a range of network support and other services if appropriate. As your business grows we will advise upon, recommend and help you to recruit the appropriate IT personnel to move your business forward.

Contact us today to learn more about our virtual IT director service, or to arrange a Senior Technical Engineer to act as a virtual IT director for your business.