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Office 365

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Office 365

Transition to the cloud

We help our clients with Microsoft Office 365 on a daily basis, all the way from planning through to support. Our IT project service is designed to get your business onto the cloud to make use of services such as Office 365.

Services such as these could offer you a number of tremendous benefits that can be unlocked for a simple ‘per user per month’ subscription. With a variety of packaged options it’s important that businesses evaluate the different options available, understand the benefits and possible downsides that any change will bring, such as interaction with third party or line of business applications.

Experience and Knowledge

The key when looking at any business system change is selecting the right partner to work with based on their experience and knowledge of the solution you are evaluating.  That experience helps us to avoid many of the pitfalls that can present themselves during this type of change.

Benefits of Office 365

  1. Email and Calendar – Access to email and calendar from anywhere on virtually any device, so whether you utilise a desktop, laptop, smart phone or simply a web browser you can remain productive.
  2. Enterprise Level Resilience – By subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 you are also connecting into some of the most highly available systems available that would be far out of reach of most small to medium size businesses
  3. Document Sharing – You gain the facility to be able to share all kinds of files and documents such as calendars and contacts, through tools such as Microsoft SharePoint.
  4. Conferencing and remote communication becomes a whole lot easier through the use of Microsoft Lync (package selected dependent) enabling you send less time travelling and more time doing what you need to do
  5. Security and Privacy – Your data belongs to you and this is vitally important.  Microsoft is the leader in privacy, transparency, security and compliance.
  6. Office Web Apps – As a further feature to enable to you to remain productive you’ll have the ability to create, store, access and edit files on the go through a simple web interface.

For more information on Microsoft Office 365 and how Mirus can help you plan and execute your transition to the cloud please contact us to discuss it further.