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Mirus News & Technology Blog

Mirus News & Technology Blog

Shadow IT Leads to Confusion

Posted by Darren Thomson on Oct 18, 2016 12:15:00 PM

Most organisations have procedures for acquiring and setting up IT systems. Sometimes, though, people running departments think it's easier to get forgiveness than to get permission. They need a machine now, and their view of the regular channels resembles Dilbert's "Mordac, preventer of information services." The result is what's called "Shadow IT."

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Topics: Security, outsourcing

Top 3 Benefits of Remote Working for Employers

Posted by Darren Thomson on Oct 14, 2016 1:41:10 PM

The advantages to employees of implementing remote working are obvious, even if you’re an employer who isn’t sure it’s the right thing for your organisation.

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Topics: remote working

Safeguard your valuable data - Learn the importance of backing up data

Posted by Darren Thomson on Oct 11, 2016 1:15:00 PM

Data is an extremely valuable resource that could be very costly in terms of time and money to recreate if it is lost. For some types of data such as treasured photographs or critical financial and scientific data, it often is not possible to re-create this data in a satisfactory manner. Therefore, the importance of backing up data can not be understated as performing regular data backup ensures the availability of important data whenever you need it.'

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Topics: IT Backup, Business Continuity

Skype for Business - Basics 101 Video Demonstration

Posted by Darren Thomson on Oct 5, 2016 4:33:27 PM

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most powerful business application platforms on the market - we delve into one of its most powerful applications: Skype for Business

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Topics: Microsoft Office 365, Video Conferencing, Online Meetings, Skype

13 New Reasons to get excited about Office 365

Posted by Darren Thomson on Oct 4, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Last week, at Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Microsoft announced updates across Office 365 to help drive digital transformation within businesses.  New intelligent cloud services were showcased that help make employees more productive and businesses more secure.

Below are 13 new reasons to get excited about Office 365 and its rich array of features:

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Topics: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft

The Risks of Tape Backup

Posted by Darren Thomson on Sep 27, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Magnetic tape used to be a favourite medium for data backup. It's still a good choice in a few situations, but for the most part it's fallen out of favour. Organisations using it should think carefully about whether it's the right choice, and they should at least supplement it with another medium.

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Topics: IT Backup, Business Continuity, Tape Backup

Securing your Company Data Against Internal Threats

Posted by Darren Thomson on Sep 20, 2016 3:15:00 PM

The lifeblood of every company is their data.  Whether the data is credit card information from their clients or personal information about their employees, companies must have solid plans in place to protect the information they handle on a daily basis.  These plans must ensure a company can effectively conduct their business activities on a daily basis in order to assure their customers they intend to stand behind their good reputation.

The first step in securing your company data against internal threats starts with the hiring process you follow to in order to employ honest people.  Make sure your HR staff understands your commitment to verification processes.  Instruct them to follow through on background checks without exception.  Even if one of your current employees "knows someone" and vouches for their reputation, the only way to truly know what is in someone's background is by performing checks to verify their information.  Either you or your HR staff should ask for references from potential employees and check them.  In addition, verify their previous employment dates and their educational background. 

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Topics: Security, Business Data

Here's Why you Should Use Microsoft Office 365 for your Business

Posted by Darren Thomson on Sep 15, 2016 11:02:50 AM


Cloud software is undoubtedly the future (and, to be honest, the present) when it comes to how organisations of all sizes create and manage their documents, and for most the choice comes down to a straight fight between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs.

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Topics: Microsoft Office 365

How does Ransomware affect Recruitment Companies? Read This and Protect Yourself

Posted by Darren Thomson on Sep 14, 2016 6:15:00 PM

Ransomware is rapidly evolving into an extremely lucrative criminal enterprise for individual hackers and cybercriminal gangs.  These criminal elements focus on businesses and markets that are either rich and/or possess information that would be extremely valuable to the overall health of a company -- information that a company would pay almost any price to preserve. In the case of recruitment companies, a list of talented and desirable prospective employees along with important point-of-contact (POC) information is the lifeblood of these organizations. Losing access to this information would be extremely painful to these companies so many elect to pay this ransom to regain the ability to run their businesses.

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Topics: cyber security, ransomware

Five Steps for Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

Posted by Darren Thomson on Sep 13, 2016 9:36:29 AM

An IT disaster recovery plan is like creating an insurance plan for your data. It is a critical business need and requires top priority. A recent BBC News article exposed that "Two-thirds of big UK businesses have been hit by a cyber attack in the past year". Most cyber attacks involve spyware, malware or viruses and some can cost the affected companies millions of pounds as they work to recover. 

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Topics: IT Disaster Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity